Code of Conduct

Code of Conduct


The Company has its own Code of Conduct policy that outlines the Company’s values and principles to be maintained along with the attainment of the goals of the company. The Company is committed to conduct its business in compliance with all the laws, rules and regulations applicable to it and maintain a high standard of business ethics.

This Code of Conduct is applicable to the Board of Directors of the Company and also the top level management of the Company.

All Directors and Senior Management Personnel of SWOJAS ENERGY FOODS LIMITED:

  1. Shall endeavor to act in good faith, with due care, responsibility and diligence without misrepresenting material facts while dealing with the third parties;
  2. Shall keep confidentiality of the information of the Company received in the conduct of business of the Company;
  3. Shall not indulge in any activity that would have an adverse impact on the image of the Company;
  4. Shall comply with the applicable and identified laws, rules and regulations that may be applicable to the Company;
  5. Shall not accept any unauthorized payment, cash, gifts or anything of value from current or prospective customers that is intended to influence, directly or indirectly any business decision.

The Code shall be regularly reviewed and revised by the company in accordance with the applicable laws and rules to the Company.